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Музыкант: Lil Wyte/Lil Flip/DJ Paul

Трек: I Sho Will (Remix)

Время: 04:42

Добавлен: 2014-09-06

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Текст песни:

[DJ Paul-talking]
Yeah Hypnotize Minds, Lil' Wyte
Lil' Flip-the Remix...the club crazy right now
I don't believe you knew...bitch!

[Chorus-Lil' Wyte Repeat 2X]
Would you beat him to the floor in the club-I Sho Will
Would you jack 'em even if they ain't dubs-I Sho Will
if they actin like a bitch, we gon' treat 'em like a bitch
if he actin like a bitch, we gon' treat him like a bitch

[Verse 1-Lil' Wyte]
You motherfuckers want two colors I got white and I got black
they know this motherfuckers comin soon as I step up for the track
if he actin like a bitch we gon' treat him like a bitch
if his head got stomped in a four phaser, cover all that shit
raise your hizill-DJ Pizill, Lil' Wizill, and Hypnotizill
run the sizill for shizill go on and roll up another one my nizill
I got to maintain, I got to get change
I got to rip this mic from California to Maine
then take it over to Spain, send it to the Dominicans
tell them to exam as I jam in all of my sentences
make sure that they remember this like it was some religious shit
the white gold, ghetto platinum [Hookie Ribbonet?]
take it to the bank-get a deposit slip and fill it out
write it for 30-thousand turn around and shove it in yo'mouth
look if you on Hypnotizin you'll see nothin but potential
people gettin beat to the floor, and it started with a pistol

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 2-Lil' Flip]
Uh, Uh, Uh call me Big Tymers cause I got that work
and if you snitch on me you will get hurt
cause I hate fake niggaz-that never pay niggaz
but if you play nigga, I'm a dump the K nigga
plus I hate niggaz who be workin with the cops
now they got the block hot, and you can't come out
but me I'm a hustler I'm tryna get paid
but now I'm findin out that you niggaz bitch made
I let you down to my house-I even broke bread with 'cha
and when you had beef I use to bust a head with 'cha
but now you got popped and you tellin every thing
like Flip do this, Flip do that he's sellin everything
he sellin cocaine, he even got them bricks
I ain't tryna get stamps so I quit hittin licks
so when I pimp a bitch-I make her sell my dope
and if she wanna go shoppin I'm a tell her no
[scratches and beat changes]

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 3-Lil' Wyte]
See I'm representin out the Bay, smokin plenty-lot of hay
my album hit 100 thousand now shits been goin my way
I give my props to my pops, give my props to my mouth
give my props to the camp, give my props to the south
now I'm crunk and I'm high but I think you already knew it
if you buckin me, you buckin us and it be twice as buckin useless
security started movin to the middle of the crowed
only if he got a gun will I agree to shut it down
cause I ain't tryna get shot by no motherfuckin punk
I know some days we have two many drinks and all of us get crunk
pick me up-throw me up out, turn me up and bump me loud
too many styles be comin up out of me whenever I hit the crown
I have a high pace, game face eyeballs up and down in space
keep my window ship try to stay away
what you think the only cracker good enough to be down with the 6
clearly understood that this some original gangsta shit

[Chorus 2X]


Lil Wyte - I Sho Will [DJ Suckafree Remix]

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